Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tempting fate!

I knew it --- deep down I knew my post yesterday about bed wetting and the Depends was a bad idea. I jinxed myself.

After talking about my bedwetting in yesterdays post - don't I go ahead and wet the bed last night, not once, but twice. What the hell? I mean, all I had all day yesterday was 1 cup of tea and water. I even limit myself to two glasses of water after 5pm.

I still got up my three normal times: ~10:30pm, ~1:30am, and ~4:30am - but this time I was a few minutes too late ate 10:30pm and 1:30am. How frustrating is this. I will be 35 in a few weeks, and I keep wetting the bed. The first time, I was wearing the depends underwear I discussed yesterday and there was no leakage, but I didn't have an extra pair bedside, so I threw on a pad in my underwear and threw caution to the wind. I mean who wets the bed twice in one night? (I guess I do :( )

My doctor tells me not to be embarassaed - but come on, really? Of course I am embarassed. It is so depressing. The only benefit is that I think my wife slept through me getting up and cleaning up both times.

Off to strip the bed and wash the sheet and comforter! Have a great day everyone.

I guess I will be keeping more than 1 pair bedside from now on.

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