Monday, March 25, 2013

REPOSTING: Common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Today I am going to discuss the common symptoms of MS along with my personal symptoms.

Common Symptoms of MS

Symptoms of MS vary from person to person. These symptoms also very in severity, and may not be constant. They may come and go without warning or reason. They can be invisible to other people, or visible.

· Muscle stiffness
· Vision problems
· Fatigue
· Numbness or “pins & needles” in extremities
· Pain or discomfort
· Bladder issues
· Cognitive problems
· Foot drop
· Tremors
· Lack of coordination
· Lack of fine motor skills
· Loss of balance
· Cognitive problems
· Complete or partial paralysis
· Heat sensitivity

My Symptoms
Current: Hopefully the medications help me get rid of some of these symptoms
  • Sexual dysfunction - The most fun of all for a 34 year old married man who is deeply in love with his wife. It is too depressing to even discuss beyong what I just wrote.
  • Bladder issues: Increased frequency and difficulty emptying my bladder
  • Fatigue: fatigue that isn’t due to lack of sleep, my entire body shuts down
  • Cognitive problems: forgetful and slow processing information
  • Foot drop of left foot, looks like I am dragging my foot at times
  • Balance issues: I walk all over the place and into things. I often stumble or fall
  • Muscle weakness: My knee or knees will give out on me at random times
  • Heat sensitivity: If I get overheated or too hot, all my symptoms get worse especially vision, fatigue, balance, and foot drop

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