Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 3 of my diet

So day 2 didn't go great. My wife and I both had rough days at work, so we had 2 drinks each last night. Not great, but not horrible. I have been sticking to the diet though, so that is good.

Now it is time to add in some exercise. Do any of you have recommendations for exercises that are kind to someone with some balance issues?

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  1. Exercise in a pool = Swim laps, or just walk, kick with a board, whatever. If you fall, it won't hurt. Be extra careful when you get out of the pool, because you'll be tired and gravity is your foe.

    Other that that, yoga is good. Seated exercises are good, too.

    Oh, and nothing helps walking like walking - just take a crutch for the extra support you might need at the end of your walk. Summer evenings are great for this, depending on ehere you live, of course.

    Good Luck!